Antera Development

Antera was established to develop urban projects and is funded by New York based JEN Partners, a leading investor in residential communities. JEN and it principals have invested in excess of three billion dollars in real estate holdings throughout the United States. Antera is the development company managing the construction of The Enclave at Borgata, In addition to Arizona, JEN Partners invests through operating partnerships in Texas, Florida, Georgia and the mid-Atlantic region. To learn more about JEN Partners, visit

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The Enclave at Borgata: A time of change and discovery.

We understand that as you journey through life, so do your tastes and expectations. After you reach a certain level of success and stature, enjoying the simple things such as family, friends, and a comfortable home become paramount. The Enclave at Borgata presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity and as a result represents the signature community of Antera Development. Our mission is intentional: build a world class residential community while assisting you in realizing a new and fulfilling way of life.

Every detail of The Enclave at Borgata, from the construction and high quality building materials, thoughtful floor plans, energized recreational and social amenities, abundant design choices, even the lush landscaping down to the diverse tree and plant palette have you in mind. Not to mention Studio Borgata, our extraordinary design center, which allows you to put your footprint on a new way of living. At Antera, we strive to create a seamless customer experience that allows you to embrace your new life.

The Enclave at Borgata


When it comes to investments, JEN Partners, the financial team behind Antera Development, is very selective. A private equity firm representing high net worth and institution investment firms, JEN Partners conducts extensive due diligence before committing to any development project. The Enclave at Borgata joins an exclusive list of other desirable projects which came into being after much planning and strategic analysis.

Antera is led by industry experts, Mike Jesberger and Nathan Pile (pictured below). With over twenty five years of construction experience, Mike Jesberger serves as President of Antera Development and is a former executive with Element Homes and the Del Webb Corporation. As Vice President, Nathan Pile brings to the organization extensive construction management experience, directing operations on several high profile projects throughout the Phoenix area.




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